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Spice Mi-549 Budget Android Smartphone Shows Up Online For Rs 7999

After Lenovo this seems to be the second attempt by a local company to build an iPhone look-a-like.


A new budget handset from local smartphone maker, Spice has shown up online. The handset tagged as the Spice Mi-549 is a budget Android device that seems to be designed to look exactly like the recently launched iPhone 6 Plus, but only thicker compared to Lenovo’s Sisley S90.

While the specs are indeed not much to talk about, it is the design here that will garner a lot of attention. The device comes with a metal back with what appears to be antenna bands similar to the iPhone 6. We have no clue whether those are functional or simply placed to add show value to the design, but this is indeed a chunkier copy of the iPhone 6 Plus if one existed.

As for the specs they are budget at best, but there is again no clarity about the details:

  • We get a 5.5 inch Full HD display
  • A 1.3 GHz quad-core chipset with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, that is expadable up to 32 GB via a micro SD card
  • There is an 8 MP camera on the back accompanied by an LED flash, while the front facing unit is 2 MP one
  • We get all the usual radios and Android KitKat 4.4 inside, all powered by a 2200 mAh battery

The handset comes in just slate grey and is priced at Rs 7999 at online retailer HomeShop18. While the handset does show up as out of stock, it has yet to show up for sale for the first time online.

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