The OnePlus One's Successor Should Be Out By Q2 Or Q3 Next Year |

The OnePlus One's Successor Should Be Out By Q2 Or Q3 Next Year

The device will obviously run on Android L, and might even be smaller than the 'One'


OnePlus, the startup that dared challenge the biggest names in the smartphone world, is working on its second device (OnePlus Two?) which could be launched in Q2 or Q3 of 2015. The news came directly from Carl Pie, Director at OnePlus, in an AMA (ask me anything) session on Reddit.

Pie also acknowledged that a lot of people were asking for a smaller device, and said, “...we hear you. We're thinking about it.” While the OnePlus One has received critical acclaim from the media as well as users, it's 5.5-inch display size has been a target of abuse, apart from lack of availability of the device.

Rumors of OnePlus working on a follow up to the 'One' had emerged a few months ago, thanks to serial tipster @evleaks (now retired). However, the company was quick to respond to the claims, and clarified that the One was going to be its only device for the year 2014, but didn't comment on its future plans.

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While Pie didn't specifically say the OnePlus Two (if it's called that) will run on Android L, there's no sign of the company moving away from running its devices on CyanogenMod. He simply added, "By that time, I'd think Android L would be standard."

Another thing that we think will unfortunately stick with OnePlus One's successor is the invite-only system of purchase. While announcing the company's plans to enter the Indian market, OnePlus executives said that the invite-only system was a way for the company to perfectly gauge demand, which is important given how small they are and that almost no profits are earned through selling the devices.

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The smartphone space has been transformed in the past one year, with a lot of that credit going to brands like OnePlus, Xiaomi and to some extent even Motorola. Something which was initiated by Google in the form of the Nexus program – Dazzling devices at mundane costs – has now turned mainstream, and OnePlus despite its small size is right up there with the big guns.

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