OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Covers Cancelled Due To Technical Difficulties |

OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap Covers Cancelled Due To Technical Difficulties

The company will still sell off its limited quantity of quality checked covers for now.


OnePlus clearly ‘never settles’ for anything. This time around we have learnt from the OnePlus forums that the Chinese smartphone maker will be cancelling the Bamboo StyleSwap covers that it had earlier promised to deliver back in April.

Apparently, the company was in the process of producing these sharp looking covers for its OnePlus One handsets, but a majority of them somehow failed to pass quality tests. Moreover, removing the original cover turned out to be quite a difficult task and may involve damaging the battery as well. The post also mentions that once peeled off, the covers somehow ended up becoming “slightly creaky or loose”. Considering all of this OnePlus decided to simply skip on the Bamboo covers altogether.

As mentioned earlier, there were quite a few StyleSwap covers that did pass the test. So OnePlus will be putting these up for sale (our guess is that you will have to earn them similar to everything else that OnePlus does). Carl Pei, Director of OnePlus Global also states that it will be sending clear cut instructions so that customers will not end up damaging the cover or the battery while replacing the same.

Indeed this goes to show that OnePlus did in fact bite on more than they could chew. These are simply quality issues that somehow went unseen during the testing phase. Being a newbie surely seems to have put the company in a spot a couple of times, but this is after all its first attempt at building and selling a smartphone.

The company now plans to include the Denim and Kevlar StyleSwap covers out of the box while selling the handsets, so that customers need not swap them out themselves and end up with a damaged product.

As Carl Pei puts it:

“There’s no question that we are disappointed we were not able to deliver on this. But we’re also much more knowledgeable and know what steps to take to ensure this won’t be a problem for the OnePlus 2, we will make sure the battery is properly protected and the the StyleSwap covers are easy safe to replace.”

Wait a minute, so is the One Plus 2 in the works already?


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