One Plus Aims To Enter The Indian Market Before December 2014 |

One Plus Aims To Enter The Indian Market Before December 2014

The company plans to price the 64GB variant of its One smartphone below Rs 25,000 but it isn't sure if India will get the 16GB variant


Upcoming Chinese smartphone manufacturer One Plus is planning an entry into India - the world's fastest growing smartphone market – after viewing increased traffic on its website from the country. The company is aiming to launch its first device, the One, in India before December at a sub-Rs 25,000 price tag.

One Plus is currently looking for someone to head its India operations, with the country being the first market where it plans to have a dedicated local team. Despite the limited availability of devices across regions the company is already present in, it aims at clocking sales in the six-figure region by the end of its first year in India.

The company's plan to set up a thorough back end before formally launching its device in India, however due to uncertainties its tentative December entry could be pushed further back. Moreover, the devices coming to the country will be slightly different in terms of memory chips, certification and back cover when compared to the version sold in China.

The 64GB variant of the One Plus One costs roughly Rs 21,000 in the US but due to import duties and other such overheads will be priced closer to the Rs 25,000 mark. The company hasn't decided if it will bring the 16GB variant to the country, but does see huge potential in the device if it can be priced lower.

When it comes to the seemingly magical prices of its devices, One Plus is quick to clarify that it isn't making any profits on selling hardware just yet. It will look to turn profits by selling software and accessories, while the device itself will earn the company just enough to break even. In the future however the company plans to boost profits be increasing manufacturing volumes which should drive down the cost of each handset.

One Plus will tie up with a leading e-commerce company in India in order to sell its devices, but given that margins are almost non-existent the roll-out will be slow. There isn't going to be a massive inventory of devices at any point of time, especially at the beginning when the company is gauging potential demand.

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