Relonch Camera case Adds An APS-C-Sized Sensor To Your iPhone |

Relonch Camera case Adds An APS-C-Sized Sensor To Your iPhone

Seems like this is the year of the smartphone camera hybrids after all.


Photokina 2014 seems to be the launch pad for a number of smartphone camera hybrids this year as we saw just yesterday with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1. Today there was another interesting launch from a company called Relonch that showcased its Relonch Camera case for iPhone. This is indeed no ordinary case, as the chunky case comes with an APS-C sized sensor and will deliver some pretty semi-professional images via your iPhone.

The case is said to work with the iPhone 5, 5s and the recently launched iPhone 6 as well. All you have to do is simply install the app and insert your iPhone into the slot and everything as per Relonch, just works. There are no connectivity hassles as the case that includes the large sensor uses the lightning port to connect to your iPhone.

Relonch says that the camera case makes clicking, editing and sharing high-quality photos a lot easier (don't know how as it will indeed weigh a lot). Moreover the case also includes a battery pack that will charge your iPhone and sustain that APS-C-sized sensor for clicking.

Obviously all of this comes at a price and considering that this is a big sensor with a lens attached to it, Relonch is demanding a 499 USD (approx 30,478 INR) price tag for now. You can only sign up with your credit card. While there is no sign of a delivery date, Relonch claims that it will begin shipping in late 2015.

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