Microsoft Could Offer Incentives To Make Users Upgrade To Windows 9 |

Microsoft Could Offer Incentives To Make Users Upgrade To Windows 9

Other details suggest the enterprise version of Windows 9 will do away with the Metro UI altogether


Microsoft is expected to unveil its Windows 9 desktop OS on September 30, and we can gather from previous reports that the new software will bring back focus to non-touch devices. A new leak however suggests what it might cost users to upgrade to Windows 9, with Microsoft planning to offer some neat incentives.

According to Russian leaker WOZR, users of Windows 8.1 will either get a free upgrade to Windows 9, or will be available through a special offer. For users who bought a retail or OEM version of Windows 8, the company will let them upgrade to Windows 9 for as little as $20.

An earlier report by ZDNet's Mary J Foley suggested that Windows 9 could be made a free upgrade for Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Windows 7 users. While the new report doesn't confirm this, it does say that Microsoft is planning to offer an “awesome” incentive to users of XP to get them to upgrade.

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The other big news that WOZR seems to have is in relation to the enterprise version of Windows 9, which supposedly does away with the Metro UI altogether. Apparently Microsoft will not release a test version of Windows 9 Pro alongside the software for non-professionals, which is expected to be out on September 30.

Also, just when we thought Windows RT was dead, WOZR says the company is working on a Windows 9 RT of which a test build is already ready. If true, the new version of this much hated software will arrive on an unannounced Surface 3 tablet.

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The leak contains little in terms of new features that Microsoft will introduce with Windows 9, but does talk about support for 3D mode on UHD screens. The other more substantial feature could be the ability to create system backups on cloud, which has got us a bit excited.

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