Rumour: Motorola’s X+1 To Feature A 3D Display And Optical Zoom

We can now take a guess at what those 3 dots on the face of the handset actually do.


Motorola’s Moto X+1 is certainly the hottest Android smartphone in the rumour mill these days; more so because its announcement is scheduled for the 4th of September in the US. So it is pretty much obvious that the leakers will be working twice as hard until the phone gets announced. Well, rumours have now popped up online stating that the flagship handset will sport a 3d display, touchless controls and even a camera with optical zoom.

While the other two are quite possible, the rumoured optical zoom feature will pretty much be the highlight of the smartphone. While Samsung has attempted to bolt on a camera to a smartphone, the company even with its latest K Zoom somehow did not seem to get it right. While the camera module from the X+1's past leaks do look interesting with its abnormally large lens, we do hope that the optical zoom tech that Motorola is cooking up, comes in a functional slimmer package and not chunky like the Lumia 1020.

Next up is the 3D display feature which is a technology that LG had cracked in the past, but somehow was never successful with consumers. Hopefully Motorola’s offering is a subtle version of the dynamic perspective tech from Amazon’s Fire Phone (minus those tilting gestures), so we don’t end up looking like clowns while staring at the phone.

Also rumoured to make it are touchless controls which by Motorola standards would include its improved handy voice assistant from the Moto X. 

Zoom camera aside, Motorola is not usually known for adding so much bloat and hardware features to their handsets. While Touchless Control was indeed a functional feature, the 3D display does seem like a gimmick.

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