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LG Releases G Watch Charging Cradle On The Google Play Store

The charging cradle is currently available only in the US Play Store.


LG has put up it G Watch charging cradle for sale on Google’s Play Store. For those of you who are not in the know, the G Watch was in the news recently thanks to the corrosive connectors that connect to the same cradle mentioned above. However, cradle can now be bought separately (since LG already offers one with the smartwatch) from the Play Store for a price tag of 20 USD (approx. 1223 INR).

The LG G Watch was recently in the news for the corrosion issue, which many users were facing thanks to the charging connectors, making contact with the user’s sweat. LG confirmed that they will be releasing a software update that will prevent the connectors from streaming a minute amount of current to the users wrist, preventing the corrosion from taking place.

As for the charging cradle, it does not come with an AC adaptor, so you will have to use a compatible USB charger to plug into the same. As of now the charger is only available in the US Google Play Store.

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