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LG G Watch And Samsung Gear Live Get Their First Update

While Android Wear-powered smartwatches to arrive in India, the lucky few who are wearing one seem to have received firmware updates.


Lucky G Watch and Gear Live owners are now seeing updates hitting their smartwatches. While the most of us who have pre-ordered our Android Wear-powered smartwatches in India can only wait and watch, the lucky ones who have already got their hands on one (including the 6000 developers from Google’s I/O) have begun receiving the KMV78V update.

The update comes with no changelog meaning that it brings nothing new to the already new smartwatches. Possibly there are some bug fixes and minor changes in the settings, else they would not pull out an update to begin with. Something to fix a few software glitches that may exist, before the public begins receiving their smartwatches.

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The LG G Watch was up for pre-order in India on the same day, while the Samsung Gear Live hit pre-order just on Friday. While the smartwatches are on their way to their owners, developers seem work hard with what they already have. A good move by Big G to hand over the Android Wear powered devices at the announcement itself.

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