Apple To Get On The Curved Screen Bandwagon

Apple gets awarded curved screen patent.


The latest curved screen fad started by LG and Samsung, seems to have bitten the World’s premium brand.

Apple’s has already been granted a patent for “a curved touch surface”. The patent details manufacturing techniques which are applicable to devices such as displays, touch pads and touch mice. Apple of course is trying a different technique than employed by other manufacturers which is explained in much technical detail in the patent.

Apple Insider simplifies it, “To give the appearance of a convex touch surface, the thin film (109) is deposited onto the substrate and capped off by a domed cover glass (104). While the setup may appear curved to a user, touch sensitivity may be degraded due to the distance between the surface of the glass and the drive and sense electrodes in the thin film.

On the right is a constant wall touch sensor panel that can not only reduce thickness compared to the flat-substrate design, but will keep touch sensitivity at high levels since the distance between the cover glass and thin film is unchanged from a completely flat stackup. Apple's patent allows for this type of process without deformation of the substrate or damage to the drive lines”.

Interestingly, Apple’s curved touch screen manufacturing patent was first filed back in 2010. It is unknown, whether Apple will release this as a consumer product, but you can be sure that when Apple does it, it will certainly do it well.

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