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Zotac Ramps Up The Game With Overclocked 780 Ti AMP! Edition

We (hope to) Rock your games even more!


Zotac known for their good quality NVIDIA cards and extended warranty, have released an AMP! Edition, a new over-clocked version of the regular NVIDIA 780 Ti GPU.

We covered Zotac’s standard 780 Ti costing Rs 50,500, while the AMP! Edition costs Rs 60,500. That’s exactly Rs 10,000 more than the regular edition. What do you get for that premium?

Well, everything else being the same, Zotac has upped the base engine clock from 876 MHz to 1006 MHz and memory clock speeds from 7000 MHz to 7200 MHz.

Is it worth it?
If online reports are to be believed, the card isn’t much faster than the regular 780 Ti edition which is already quite fast out of the box. Remember you are looking at upper echelons of performance, so law of diminishing returns kicks in pretty quick. But apparently it does run noticeably cooler and quieter.

As usual Zotac has thrown in three Splinter Cell games — Splinter Cell Double Agent, Conviction, and the brand-new Splinter Cell Blacklist, much like their regular 780 Ti edition.

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