Instagram Not Coming To Windows Phone 8 Any Time Soon |

Instagram Not Coming To Windows Phone 8 Any Time Soon

WP Instafanatics will be disappointed as Nokia exec claims misquote by website.


For those of you who like to "spoil" good photographs (or rather want to hide the flaws in your photography skills?) with Instagram, there is disappointing news for WP "Instafanatics". Instagram was almost announced for the Windows Phone 8 platform by a Nokia exec in the Bangkok Post, but the exec has now backtracked citing misreporting. The post has also been updated to remove any instance of a mention of Instagram. Chris Weber, Executive VP of Nokia has reaffirmed via his Twitter account, "Seems my comments on Instagram have been misreported. We are still working hard to make it happen, but nothing new to announce. Sorry". That should set the record straight for now, as there is no reason to believe the rumoured reports of an official Instagram app for WP8 at least in the near future.

Instagram is a popular image (and now also video) sharing service that has caught the fancy of many a mobile users on other mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Dedicated apps for these platforms from Facebook-owned service allow mobile phone users to click photos or videos, apply filter effects, and directly post the modified results to their Instagram account or embed in their social network posts. Windows Phone being one of the newest mobile platforms doesn't yet have an official app for Instagram yet, even though there is a demand for one from users. Of course, there are several third-party WP apps, or Instagram clients that allow you to view and even post images and videos. However, Instagram is tightening the noose around such apps by revising its guidelines and restricting what such apps can do. These apps may even stop working altogether, if Instagram makes changes to its API. Are you a Windows Phone user seeking Instagram? Do you find solace using a third party app for the same? Do let us know in the comments.

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