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Facebook To Have Trending Topics Listing

Another Twitter-like feature coming soon to FB; starts with few US-based users.


Looks like Facebook's obsession with Twitter is growing with each new feature. After hashtags, vine-like videos (via Instagram), and verified accounts, the social networking giant is all set to replicate its Trends feature. A report on AllThingsD suggests that FB is all set to try out a "Trending Topics" styling listing of popular topics. This is not the first time that such a feature has come up: Facebook already shows you grouped up posts when two or more of your friends post about the same topic (like birthday wish for instance).

But this is different, it is expected to be "a billboard that highlights things lots of Facebook users are talking about", says AllThingsD. The feature will be rolled out to a fraction of FB's US user base, with "a banner flagging a particular topic". Click on it to expand posts and comments, not just from friends but from strangers too. Be prepared for more wanted 'Fraandship' requests, once this intrusive feature is rolled out globally.

Image couretsy: AllThingsD.com

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