Rumour: Facebook Developing Flipboard-Style Reader App |

Rumour: Facebook Developing Flipboard-Style Reader App

Is Facebook looking for a personalised newspaper styled app makeover?


As per its initial speculation, Facebook is not looking at building an RSS Reader after Google left the spot vacant. A report on The Wall Street Journal states that it probably will be a Flipboard-style FB app for mobile devices instead. Dubbed as Reader, the app which has reportedly been in the making for over a year, will show your feeds in a magazine-style design. Although there is no news as to when the service will be made available to its users, it seems to be in line with CEO Mark Zuckerberg's statement at a redesign event. He suggested that he hopes Facebook becomes "the best personalised newspaper in the world". FB, however, has declined to make any comments.

After borrowing elements from Twitter, Vine, and now Flipboard, Facebook does seem to be wanting to break its status as a close-knit network for users. Considering that Flipboard boasts of a healthy user base of over 50 million loyalists, FB's service may be a thundering success when it sees light of day. However, all that will be speculation till the social networking giant makes the service public sometime soon.

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