Nokia May Launch Lumia PureView On 11th July |

Nokia May Launch Lumia PureView On 11th July

Company has sent media invites for "Zoom Reinvented" event in NYC.


Nokia has sent press invites to media personnel in the US for a 11th July event scheduled to take place in New York City, according to Engadget. While no details have been provided, the name of the event "Zoom Reinvented" and the imagery of a magnifying glass have sparked speculations that this could be a camera-phone with zoom capabilities. There have been a lot of reports and leaked images of a mobile phone codenamed EOS from Nokia or perhaps Lumia PureView, which could be what this event is all about. The device in question is said to be a Lumia with the full imaging capabilities of the company's acclaimed 808 PureView camera phone launched last year with a 41 mp image sensor.

Samsung has just announced its latest camera-phone – the GALAXY S4 zoom – with 10x zoom, which is basically a GALAXY S4 mini with a zoom lens sticking out of its back that makes it look like an abomination of a mobile phone. Nokia could be unveiling an answer to this handset, but we sincerely hope that the Finnish manufacturer will stay true to refined taste of design and not go for an outrageous design (for want of a better word) like the Korean electronics giant. Whatever be the case, we still have a good one month to speculate and wait with our fingers crossed.

Rumour: Nokia To Launch Lumia PureView On July 11th

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