Google Pixel Event: Complete Coverage |

Google Pixel Event: Complete Coverage

The search-giant unveils peculiar hardware at its San Francisco event.


At its event in San Francisco, Google unveiled interesting hardware. For the first time, the search-giant introduced phones and other products completely designed by the in-house teams. Till now, most of its gadgets were made in collaboration with its hardware partners including Samsung, LG, Huawei, and Asus to name a few. Without further ado, here are the key announcements from Google's event:


Made of premium glass and metals, the Pixel takes on the iPhone 7. It features a 5-inch Full HD AMOLED screen. In terms of fire power, you get Qualcomm's Snapdragon 821 chipset. Among other things, it sports a 5-inch Full HD OLED screen. The phone will run the latest Android 7.1 Nougat out-of-the-box. For more details, follow this link.


Pixel XL

If you like plus size phones, Google has you covered with its Pixel XL smartphone. Just like its younger sibling, the Pixel XL features metal and glass construction. The phone boasts of Pixel Imprint, which is Google's way of saying fingerprint sensor. Thanks to its bigger footprint, the Pixel XL packs-in a bigger 3450 mAh battery compared to that of the Pixel. Click here, for more information.


Daydream View

In addition to the Pixel phones, Google showcased its latest Virtual Reality headset. Dubbed as Daydream View, Google's new VR gear is made of lightweight fabric to provide you comfort in long VR sessions. What separates it from hundreds of Android VR gear is the bundled wireless controller that features a motion sensor.


Chromecast Ultra

Google rolled out the 4K variant of the Chromecast. Dubbed as the Chromecast Ultra, this new streaming device allows you to stream 4K content from YouTube, Netflix and other VOD services. Along with this, the 4K device supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, giving users an enhanced streaming experience. Click here, to find out more about the Chromecast Ultra.



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