Google Announces Daydream View VR Headset |

Google Announces Daydream View VR Headset

The virtual reality headset comes with a motion controller.


Along with the Pixel smartphones, Google announced the next iteration of its VR (Virtual Reality) headset. Dubbed as Daydream View, Google's new VR gear is made of lightweight fabric to provide you comfort in long VR sessions. The company claims that it worked with clothing designers to finalise the look and feel of the device.

Currently, the new Pixel phones are compatible with the Daydream View. However, you can expect expect the search-giant to soon release a detailed list of handsets that play nice with its VR headset. What separates it from most Android VR products is its wireless controller. Apart from basic navigation controls, it also comes with motion sensor that can be used for gaming. For instance, third-party developers can implement it in games such as tennis and golf.

The Daydream View will be available in slate, snow, and crimson starting November. It is priced at $69, which roughly translates to Rs 4600.

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