Microsoft Launches OneNote Importer For Mac |

Microsoft Launches OneNote Importer For Mac

The OneNote Mac importer tool will be helping users import data from Evernote to OneNote applications.


In what a decent numbers of users of Mac will be relieved with, Microsoft has released the OneNote importing tool, which will allow the Apple (Mac) users to import data from Evernote to OneNote.

For users that switch or need to do so from Windows and Mac computers, the crossover would earlier be problematic, but will ease out because the tool will allow swift transfer of data between the note taking applications.

Microsoft OneNote incorporates the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications, and the tool can be downloaded from the Microsoft Windows report page, free of cost. According to data available from the company, since March this year, there have been 71 million Evernote page imports to OneNote.

For running the OneNote importer on Mac, users would need to run the 10.11 version of the operating system (OS). The Evernote notes can then be imported using this tool, after synchronizing the accounts, and accessed from all browsers and various devices, including Android. Microsoft also recommends that Evernote for Mac ought to be installed, for a faster transition between the apps.

In an official statement, as reported by the Times of India, Microsoft said, "You can then sign in to Evernote for Mac with your Evernote account and make sure your latest notes are all synced before importing," which makes it virtually seamless for users. The best part is, the importer tool works on iOS, Windows, and Android, so no hitches there either!


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