Download: NASA's Eyes (PC, Mac) |

Download: NASA's Eyes (PC, Mac)

Explore the universe without leaving your armchair.

Download: NASA's Eyes (PC, Mac)

If exploring the universe aboard the Starship Enterprise was your childhood dream this app is the closest to what today's technology can offer. Dubbed NASA's Eyes, the application is available for Windows and Mac OS.

On a splash screen, you are asked to select whether you want to explore the Earth, Solar System, or Exoplanets. Each segment also offers Tours and Features that provide a quick list of currently active missions. I chose New Horizons' Pluto Flyby, and was able to track the space probe in real time. Like a car's GPS system, you get distance from destination and relative speed. In addition to its position, the app also lets you know what onboard instrument is focusing where at any given time. As you can see in the screenshot below, LORRI, RALPH, and ALICE (explained in this article) are focusing on Pluto.

Next, I moved to the Exoplanets segment. Why, these are the planets from other solar systems with possibility to support life. Especially, the ones in the Goldilocks zone (explained in this article). The Kepler-186f you see in the screenshot below probably has liquid water on its surface, which may support life. Its neighbour, Kepler-186e also falls in its star's habitable zone.

In the Earth mode, you can track hurricanes. You can also check the global wind speed, sea level, air surface temperature, and current state of the Ozone layer.

If you find all this intruguing, head over to this link and download the app. Considering the vast universe, the setup file for Windows is only 26 MB. You guess it right, the programme requires Internet connectivity most of the times. If you have ever used Google Earth, you will get along with NASA's Eye in no time.

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