TV Recommendations Under Rs 40,000 |

TV Recommendations Under Rs 40,000

This holiday season, get yourself a no non-sense TV.

TV Recommendations Under Rs 40,000

If you are willing to spend Rs 40,000, you can get a great 40" or 42" inch Television. In the budget TV segment, you had no option but to pick an LCD screen. However, in this price-range, you can choose between a few Plasma panels as well. As mentioned in our TV Buying Guide, colour reproduction and faster refresh rate are more vital than the screen resolution. Simply put, 720p quality is good enough for up to 42-inch screens. Now without further ado, lets get started with our recommendations (Last Updated: 06-May-2015).

LG 42PN4500 42" (Plasma)
Street Price: Rs 28,300

The first Plasma in our list comes with a 42-inch screen with 1024x768 pixels. It may not sound impressive on paper, but the TV offers vibrant colours and deep blacks. The LG 42PN4500's contrast levels and refresh rate are something that even top-end LCDs can't come close. You also get wider viewing angles with this display technology. If you want excellent picture quality, your search ends here. There is no need to go through the rest of the article. However, if you're hell-bent on trading picture quality with features, then move on to our next TV.

Philips 40PFL4958 40"
Street Price: Rs 32,900

Be it CCFL or LED backlighting, LCD TVs simply cannot match the quality of Plasma panels. However, if you choose an additional HDMI port and power efficiency over the viewing experience, the Philips 40PFL4958 is a decent alternative. The 40-inch LCD packs in FULL HD resolution. What makes it better than other LCD TVs, is its refresh-rate of 240 Hz. For similarly priced LCDs it's mostly between 60 Hz to 100 Hz. For users, this means that there will be less blur during the swift camera movement.

A few brands offer 3D TVs in this price bracket. I'm not including any of those because:

1. 3D sucks.
2. The colour reproduction and refresh rates not good enough.

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