TV Recommendations Under Rs 20,000 |

TV Recommendations Under Rs 20,000

List of TV sets that go easy on your pocket.

TV Recommendations Under Rs 20,000

Continuing our TV Buying Guide, we are now recommending TVs in different price segments. India is a price sensitive market, so it makes sense to begin with affordable television sets that cost less than Rs 20,000. As mentioned in our earlier article, the manufacturers and shop keepers, rightfully so, only care about their profit margins. Therefore, take their suggestions with a pinch of salt. These guys are so smart that one shopkeeper actually managed to sell a 20-inch CRT TV to one of my friends (I'm so ashamed of him) for Rs 11,000. Now before more innocent people are fooled by these evil sales guys, here's the list to refer to prior entering the show:

LG 20LB452A 20"
Street Price: Rs 10,000

If you're not willing to spend more than Rs 10,000, this is your best option. what you get here is a 20-inch LCD screen with Direct-LED backlighting. It packs in 1366x768 pixels, which is more than enough for such screen size. The TV supports USB media playback, HDMI port, and composite input (required for SD set-top boxes). The LG 10LB452A has better viewing angles than similarly priced TVs.

Philips 24PFL3159/V7 24"
Street Price: Rs 13,500

Prices go up with the screen size. So if you want a good 24-inch TV set, be ready to spend at least Rs 13,500. It's one of the cheapest Full HD TV from a reputed brand. You shouldn't be looking for a pixel-packed screen in this segment, but since Philips is offering it at a dirt-cheap price, go for it. Other features include an HDMI port, USB playback, and a no-nonsense remote controller. Another thing worth mentioning is that unlike other companies, Philips offers three years warranty.

Philips 32PFL3738/V7 32"
Street Price: Rs 18,400

32-inch TVs have hit the sweet spot among the Indian buyers. These television sets are big, but if you know how to find a right deal, they go easy on pocket. Especially, the Philips 32PFL3738 offers excellent value for money. For Rs 18,400, you get a 32-inch screen with LED backlighting and 1366x768 pixels. It packs in essential features such as HDMI port and USB media playback. Philips has been generous enough to throw-in a wall mounting bracket. And you don't have to worry about the repairs for three years, thanks to Philips India's 3 year warranty.

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