Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family

Gift recommendations for your loved ones this festive season, if money is no object.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family

Diwali is just around the corner, and your loved ones do expect some gifts. Since it's a fact that most people would love a new mobile phone, here are some of the best choices that you can present to your near and dear ones.


iBall Aasaan
MRP: Rs 3500
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 3050 (;

All that grandparents want is a very simple phone with which they can stay in touch with their children and grandkids. iBall's Aasaan has a large keypad for easy operation and an Emergency SOS button that sends out an SMS to five preset numbers. It also packs in a FM radio for listening to old Bollywood numbers whenever nostalgia strikes.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type
MRP: Rs 9000
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 8000 (; Rs 8200 (

For your mother, something that has good battery life and a few nice features should be enough. The C3-01 offers all of this with its fancy input options, stylish looks, and expandable storage slot for using a card loaded with songs. Its connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and 3G, are an added bonus.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


Nokia E6
MRP: Rs 18,700
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 15,000 (; Rs 15,200 (; Rs 15,550 (

For dads, a good business phone with a QWERTY keypad is a must. The E6 comes to the rescue with its excellent touch-and-type interface and great build quality. It style is something that definitely appeals to a matured audience. Moreover, it packs in all the essentials any man could need from his phone. Read our review for the in-depth details.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


MRP: Rs 30,500
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 29,000 (; Rs 29,200 (; Rs 30,000 (

The always-demanding brother — well, you can gift him a GALAXY S II and he'll most likely not bother you again. This is currently the best phone available for Android in terms of performance. Read our review to know why.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


Nokia X5-01
MRP: Rs 10,500
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 7500 (

First and foremost: if the gift is for a young girl, it has to be pink. When it comes to your sister, the X5-01 with its compact design and slide-out keyboard is the best choice. It can easily fit into her purse and is small enough to double up as a cool-looking audio player as well, thanks to its hot pink hue. It's also equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G, so she can always remain connected with her Facebook friends. More importantly, the comfortable keypad means she can continue sending SMSes like there's no tomorrow, TRAI's regulations notwithstanding. Read our complete review here.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro SK17i
MRP: Rs 15,900
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 15,400 (;;

For the wife, you'd better not go wrong or there will be hell to pay. The best bet therefore is the mini pro SK17i with its compact design, which includes a slide-out keyboard. It performs very well for its price range and has excellent sound quality. Most importantly, it looks more expensive than it actually is. More details available in our review.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family

Girlfriend \ Mistress

Apple iPhone 4
MRP: Rs 34,500 (16 GB)
Street Price (As On 21-Oct-2011): Rs 33,750 (; Rs 34,500 (;

When it comes to impressing the girlfriend(s) or mistress(es), money is obviously no object, and looks are everything. The iPhone 4 is a good way of ensuring that they stick around for a year at least. With its glamorous appeal, a huge App Store to back it up, and the new iOS 5, it makes for the ideal purchase — provided your wife doesn't stumble upon your credit card bill. Know all about it here.

Ideal Mobile Phones For Your Family


This one's easy. He probably doesn't need a phone yet, and if he's older than 15 years, should have saved enough pocket money to get his own handset. If he absolutely insists on a gift, get this one from a roadside vendor outside the nearest railway station. He's going to hate you anyway, so why waste money over it? Tolo Toys Mobile Phone Suction Toy: Toys & Games

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