Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week |

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week

Here are the top 10 stories on TechTree that you may have missed during the week... 16th July to 22nd July.

Top 10 Consumer Tech Stories Of The Week

This week has been quite a roller coaster ride with a number of launches including smartphones by Lenovo, Lava, Karbonn, and iBall. Along with this, Zopo Speed 8 was introduced as the world's first decacore smartphone.

Also, news broke out that Boeing has decided to replace their AR devices with Google Glass to build aeroplanes. So, a story was published on that too.

Pokemon didn't stay behind! In-fact the week started with reports about the augmented reality game being hacked over the weekend and thus we published -- "It's A Pokemon GO Hackathon - Or is it?"

And.. then the shocker of the week... Google was taken to court over Narendra Modi. Well, maybe it was just an algorithm that works in the background when people search! Yet, it's Google Search and people wanted Google to answer! We should also not miss Sachin Saga game by PlayIzzOn that was announced this week!

It was definitely a big week for us... and here are our 10 top stories of the week:

1. You Must Have These Five Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

From huge computing machines to bulky desktops to sleek laptops and slim smartphones, and now, to smartwatch, technology is evolving faster than ever before. In the  current scenario, there is a smartwatch for everything from counting your calories to almost everything... even making phone calls independent of smartphones. So, it becomes very important to choose the right kind of app for your smartwatch.

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2. Boeing To Use Google Glass To Build Aeroplanes

Google’s augmented reality (AR) eyewear Google Glass may not have made much of a hit among individual consumers, but Boeing is going to be using the technology to build aeroplanes. Google Glass technology will be used to help construct aircraft wire harnesses. The company asked APX Labs- manufacturer of a smart glasses software platform called Skylight- to produce a Glass app that Boeing could give to its technicians on the assembly floor, because the initial device was a failure, being unable to pull data from the databases in real time.

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3. LG Launches Smartphone With A Second Screen

LG has recently announced the launch of its latest 4G LTE smartphone, LG X Screen in India. The smartphone comes with with two screens which is definitely a unique concept, which the company expects to improve user convenience and experience.  The Always-on Display allows users to check basic information such as time, date and notifications without having to wake up the phone. More so, the second screen keeps the recent used user applications for easy access along with facility to receive calls without interruptions on the main screen and so does music play with all controls on top screen, for extreme convenience to users.

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4. 10 Reasons Why Smartphone Gaming Is Actually Good For You!

We have all played games while we were young. But, back then it was a Game Boy Advance or a Nintendo. While we now have a cool smartphone with Full HD IPS display screen giving better viewing angles and super controls over games through controllers like EVO Gamepad Pro 2. The question that bothers a lot is -- Do we play games just as a mode of refreshment or does it actually serve any better purpose in our lives? Well, you can actually read this post and feel better while you play another game on your smartphone!

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5. It’s A Pokémon GO Hackathon- Or Is It?

It’s no secret that Pokémon GO servers are bound to crash anytime, anywhere. It’s a worldwide complaint. So when servers went down again on Saturday, no one thought much of it. A hacking outfit called PoodleCorp announced on Twitter that it was behind the action, but this claim is yet to be verified. They claimed that they took down the Pokémon GO servers using a DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) attack. The servers were flooded with so many requests every second that they couldn’t cope, and thus crashed.

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6. Google Taken To Court Over Narendra Modi

Incensed by this, advocate Sushil Kumar Mishra moved an application before the chief judicial magistrate but his plea was dismissed on November 3, 2015, on grounds that it was a civil case. In his complaint, the advocate contended that this was a huge disrespect to the Indian Republic. He said that he had written to the company asking it to remove Modi's name but got no response.

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7. Zopo Mobile Introduces Speed 8; World's First Decacore Handset

With the world of devices getting more and more crowded, there comes a time when one device maker will do something to take a place in the next stage of the market. Zopo mobile has taken to become a differentiator, by introducing the world's first Deca-core processor handset. The Speed 8 boasts of all the premium features which the segment boasts of, but has the added muscle power of the MediaTek Helio X20 processor with 10-core functionality.

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8. Sachin Saga - A Game About The Living Legend Is Round The Corner

PlayIzzOn Technologies has recently released a trailer of a new game it has been developing at its studios in US and Pune. The game has been christened  as 'Sachin Saga' and this marks the debut of the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar into the world of digital gaming. With this game expected to roll out on different platforms -- Android, iOS, Windows, and consoles by the end of the calendar year, the master blaster's fans will be able to relive his life.

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9. Top Four Online Payment Gateways

As the admission session begins, one of the most tiring jobs for parents and students is standing in the never-ending fee payment line and waiting for the turn to pay the fees. In India, it’s all about long queues at counters, inconvenience & hassles ultimately leading to missing deadlines & late fees charges at times. But slowly and steadily, the fee payment system has seen technological advancements which have made the system simple, hassle free and convenient.

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10. The Best Wireless Headphones For Quality Lovers

While running, it's important to stay pumped and for many, music is a key motivator. Your ears deserve better than those plastic headphones that came with your smartphone. These wireless headphones comes neatly without compromising on sound quality — perfect for both commuting and holidays. Upgrade your commute with pick of the best Wireless Headphones.

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