You Must Have These Five Apps On Your Android Smartwatch |

You Must Have These Five Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

Some are free… some are priced… but, a smartwatch user is recommended to have them to simplify life.

You Must Have These Five Apps On Your Android Smartwatch

From huge computing machines to bulky desktops to sleek laptops and slim smartphones, and now, to smartwatch, technology is evolving faster than ever before. In the  current scenario, there is a smartwatch for everything from counting your calories to almost everything... even making phone calls independent of smartphones.

So, it becomes very important to choose the right kind of app for your smartwatch. Here we give you a list of 5 apps we feel you must have on your Android wear smartwatch.

1. Google Keep

This app by Google is one of the best note taking app one can ever have. Having access to all your notes on your smartwatch is definitely an added advantage in your busy schedule. You can scroll through lists and notes easily and can also add new items by just speaking them over to your smartwatch. Best of all, this app is available for free.

2. PixtoCam

While smartwatch usually don't have cameras, they can be used to control one on your smartphone... especially with an app like PixtoCam. By simply looking at your watch app, the camera app on your smartphone starts. You can also easily choose whether you want to capture images using front or rear camera, change flash made and even capture a photo or video recording. However, this isn't free. It comes with a price tag of USD 1.99.

3. Wear Audio Recorder

Android Wear smartwatches usually come with a microphone integrated into it. So, why not use it? And the best app for smartwatch to record audio that we could think of is the Wear Audio Recorder.With the app, you can record and pause and resume recording too from the main interface... much like any other smartphone. You can also use different quality settings... and most importantly this app is free!

4. Endomondo

Having a smartphone while working out is a slightly difficult task... well at least to me! That's the reason most of the fitness bands came up which eventually led to smartwatches too. However, a right app is a must on your smartwatch so that you can track your fitness efficiently. With Endomondo, you can easily select workout types and see your time effectively. The app also comes with a map to show your progress. While the app is free, users can also select a subscription package, if needed so, to get detailed info and training plans.

5. Photo Gallery For Android Wear

While we can already capture photos from our smartwatch using PixtoCam app, why not review them on our smartwatch only? Yup... the name of the app itself tells you everything. It's a photo gallery app... much like how you would be getting on your smartphone. The app also enables users to use pinch-to-use and pan around feature for better experience. The app is free for sure, but if you want a full version, you will have to make an in-app purchase of approximately USD 3.


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