Top 5 Gadgets To Add Swag To College Life |

Top 5 Gadgets To Add Swag To College Life

Of course we need a little more than assignments grades and attendance to pep up the college life.

Top 5 Gadgets To Add Swag To College Life

Friends, crushes, semester breaks, group discussions, the professors, canteen, mass bunk, yes my friend this is what college is about and let’s help you add a little jazz to the precious college years. Parents and earning siblings take note, these are your go to gifting ideas, and dear students make sure you get them!

1. Portable  Printer

Yes, no matter what course you opt for, you will be burdened (over burdened) with assignments and projects. Since 99.9 per cent students begin their assignments only when the submission date is nearing. A portable printer would be a wise invest to print all your assignments and printers.
Canon MP 287 Multi-function Printer priced at INR 4.995. It’s worth it.

2. A Wireless Speaker

What is college without some music on! For all your dance rehearsals, workouts, presentations or just to get the party started, wireless speaker is your saviour. Try Mi Bluetooth Speaker it is  priced comfortably at INR 2,499 or if topped your exams then go for JBL On Air Speaker Dock priced at INR 14,990.

3. Power Bank

No more excuses of “my phone was dead”, stay connected with family and friends on the go. Invest on a good power bank. Ambrane P-1000 Star (10,400 mAh) priced  at INR 800 is a good option,  so is Huawei Power Bank (13,000 mAh) priced at  INR 900

4. Headphones

It feels good to own a pair of sassy headphones. The wireless Jabra Move comes with a mic is equipped with sound reproduction and is light on the bass. It is priced at INR. 4,987

Trubeats BT  priced at  INR 2,29 has good immersive quality sound and With Ipx5 Water resistance it is designed  to withstand most intensive weather conditions.

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5. Smartwatch

Get them a smartwatch, get them to be fit! Moto 360 Sport is priced at INR 19,999 is a good choice. Moto Sport is compatible with fitness apps such as ‘Map My Run’, ‘Under Armour Record’, ‘Strava’, ‘Google Fit’ and ‘Fitbit’ while the Moto Body records work out data and syncs the app to update the user’s work out history.

Huawei Honor Band Z1 is priced at 5,499 and is as good any over the top expensive smatchwatch. Huawei Honor Z1 Band can be used to track the number of steps you have walked, calories burnt, your sleep pattern and how long you have run.  You just to download the Huawei Wear app on your smartphone to sync all your fitness data.

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