Audio Gadgets Under INR 5,000 For This Season |

Audio Gadgets Under INR 5,000 For This Season

Listening great music requires perfect audio gadgets, with pocket friendly price tags!

Audio Gadgets Under INR 5,000 For This Season

Monsoon rains, long weekends, trips and some good music to enjoy the vacation with friends. Or monsoon rains, weekend, coffee, your favorite book and most importantly, music…all of it sounds so perfect and magical, isn’t it?

Music plays a very important role in our lives. From giving us company on our gloomy days to meeting our energies on happy ones, it never fails to disappoint us. But what might disappoint us at times is when you have amazing tracks but not the suitable audio device for it which otherwise would have amplified the whole feeling of listening the music.

Great audio gadgets can be quite expensive making a big hole in our pockets. Here we have some awesome products that will not only fit in your budgets but will take your music experience to another level. You won’t really have to compromise with the audio quality, we bet.

Here goes the 5 best Audio gadgets for your never ending love for music!

Pulse IGO Bluetooth speakers - INR 2,795

An ultra-portable wireless stereo speaker loaded with amazing features is here to further enrich your experience. A Bluetooth driven portable speaker is incomparably the most feature rich portable speaker in its segment and has the capacity to enhance the experience irrespective of your location: on a long journey, campsite or even while you are trekking. The IGO speakers are ultra-portable, very stylish and has every possible feature installed in it – long battery life, FM radio, USB, aux, micro SD card, NFC and even a LED display.

X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker - INR 2,995

Perfect for life on the go. Take it on the road or relax and listen at home. This wireless speaker is too cool for this season. In five bold colors, this unique design is sure to turn some heads. One can wirelessly connect, stream music, manage phone calls and control volume. With its crystal clear sound, Pump up the volume and enjoy!

Trubeats BT - INR 2,295

Free your morning runs in the monsoon with immersive wireless sound by Amkette Pulse. Designed to lock in and stay securely in your ear during rough weather. The behind the ear shape helps you get the perfect fit. With Ipx5 Water resistance it is built to withstand most intensive weather conditions. Its Multi-pairing feature lets you pair upto two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Seinheiser CX 3.00 - INR 3,490

The new CX 3.00 headphones offer a sound performance with even more detail and enhanced bass. Available in white, black and a classy red, the contrasting matt and high gloss surfaces of the CX 3.00’s sleek design speak of their quality and attention to every detail. From the elliptical profile of the colour-coordinated, tangle-free cable to the low-profile angled plug – form follows function in pleasing harmony.

Seinheiser CX 2.00 - INR 4,490

The CX 2.00 g provides a vibrant and bass-driven sound, with the convenience of an inline 3-button remote for android devices with integrated mic that lets you answer your calls and control your music with just the push of a button. It is the perfect headset when you are on the move available in a bold black color.

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