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Weekend Tech Update: Ep II

A tablet app meant for stalkers, cops using Facebook to nab criminals, and more craziness from the tech world this week.

Weekend Tech Update: Ep II

Take a break from the usual product launches and patent trolling sagas, for a glimpse of the lighter side of the tech spectrum. Here's a quick look at all the crazy happenings that occured in the tech world.

  • If the researchers down under are to be believed, all of us with desk jobs are going to die in the next three years. Apparently, sitting around all day is really bad for your health. If the good folks at Google are reading this: Hurry up with the wearable computers already! Wait, but what happens to those confined to wheelchairs then?!

  • The vegans at Greenpeace are mighty pissed at Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft, for burning coal and all sorts of "dirty" fuels to power their cloud server farms. On the other hand, Facebook has been praised by the environmental group for playing nice with renewable energy sources. It's good to know that even if Zuckerberg happens to sell your personal information to advertisers, at least the environment won't be harmed in the process.

  • Wanted crooks may be able to evade cops by staying off the streets, but abstinence from Facebook isn't easy even for hardened criminals, who have been using the medium to brag about their exploits. Needless to say, cops have not only been finding it easy to home in on the criminals, but their posts are also being used as evidence towards conviction. By the looks of it, the day isn't far when thugs start sending Facebook invites for bank robberies and other group activities.

  • Nosy employers, parents, boyfriends, husbands, and stalkers rejoice! Now you can keep tabs on your favourite person with a full-blown trojan masquerading as an app for Apple and Android tablets. PROTIP: In the wake of this news, it's best not to watch porn on your work tablet. Remember, it's not just the Ceiling Cat who's watching.

  • The British government has passed a draconian law that allows authorities to lay the smackdown on anyone who threatens the interests of the sponsors for the impending London Olympic Games. Chances are, visitors may even be slapped with criminal charges for posting images of the games to Facebook or Twitter. Talk about capitalist ideals being enforced with communist efficiency and zeal!

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