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  • Review: Far Cry 3

    Review: Far Cry 3

    Far Cry 3Developer: Ubisoft MontrealPublisher: UbisoftGenre: First-person shooterPlatforms: PC, PS3, X360MRP: Rs 3000 (PS3 and X360); Rs 1000 (PC)Street Price (As On 07-J...

  • Hitman: Absolution

    Hitman: Absolution

    Hitman: AbsolutionDeveloper: IO InteractivePublisher: Square EnixGenre: Stealth ActionPlatforms: PS3, X360, PCMRP: Rs 999 (PC); Rs 4,000 (PS3/X360)I fell in love with the...

  • Dishonored (X360)

    Dishonored (X360)

    Dishonored (X360)Developer: Arkane StudiosPublisher: Bethesda SoftworksGenre: Stealth Action/RPGPlatforms: PS3, X360, PCMRP: Rs. 3,499Every so often, there comes a title ...

  • F1 2012

    F1 2012

    F1 2012Developer: Codemasters BirminghamPublisher: CodemastersGenre: Simulation \ RacingPlatforms: PC, PS3, X360MRP: Rs 1000Street Price (As On 08-Nov-2012): Rs 800 (Flip...

  • Twisted Metal (PS3)

    Twisted Metal (PS3)

    Twisted Metal (PS3)Developer: Eat Sleep PlayPublisher: Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeGenre: Simulation \ Action \ RacingPlatform: PS3MRP: Rs 2300Street Price (As On 0...

  • FIFA 13 (PS3)

    FIFA 13 (PS3)

    FIFA 13 (PS3)Developer: EA CanadaPublisher: Electronic ArtsGenre: Simulation / SportsPlatforms: PC, PS3, PS2, PSP, PS Vita, X360MRP: Rs 3,000 (PS3 and X360); Rs 1500 (PC)...

  • Deadlight (X360)

    Deadlight (X360)

    Deadlight (X360)Developer: Tequila WorksPublisher: Microsoft StudiosGenre: Cinematic platformer / survival horror / sidescrollerPlatforms: X360 (XBLA), PCMRP: 1200 MSP (X...

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail (X360)

    Dust: An Elysian Tail (X360)

    Dust: An Elysian Tail (X360)Developer: Humble Hearts (Dean Dodrill)Publisher: Microsoft StudiosGenre: Action role-playing gamePlatforms: X360 (XBLA)MRP: 1200 (MSP) (Xbox ...

  • Wreckateer (X360)

    Wreckateer (X360)

    Wreckateer (X360)Developer: Iron Galaxy StudiosPublisher: Microsoft StudiosGenre: ArcadePlatforms: X360 (XBLA)MRP: 800 MSP (Xbox Live Arcade)I've seen YouTube videos of p...

  • Review — Spec Ops: The Line

    Review — Spec Ops: The Line

    Spec Ops: The LineDeveloper: YAGER DevelopmentPublisher: 2K GamesGenre: Action \ Third-Person ShooterPlatforms: PC, PS3, X360MRP: Rs 700 (Store Locator)Street Price (As O...