Apple Rolls Out OS X El Capitan To Mac Users

The new version of the Mac OS comes with prominent improvements under the hood making processes much faster than earlier.


Apple has finally rolled out the latest version of the Mac operating system, the OS X El Capitan to its Mac users officially.

The OS X El Capitan update is available globally for Mac users to download after releasing almost 8 developer beta versions earlier.

The latest version of the Mac OS is said to be compatible with all the Macs that are capable of running OS X Yosemite and can be downloaded easily via the Software Update function that is available in the Mac App Store.

Speaking about the new features that come with the El Capitan, it is worth noting that the new OS comes with prominent improvements under the hood and makes apps and processes on Mac much faster than ever before.

The OS X El Capitan also comes with a new font San Francisco along with a Split View option which allows users to work on different apps side by side much like how it is shown in the latest iOS 9 on iPad.

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Also, the new OS X El Capitan brings with it 'Metal' which makes the rendering of system-level graphics nearly 40 per cent more efficient than before.

Having said this, we suggest you to back up your data before proceeding with the update from your Mac App Store.



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