Over 60 New Facebook Apps Unveiled

Users can now share their online activities with more ease.


Social networking giant Facebook has launched over 60 apps for its users. These new apps will allow users to share several activities such as photos, travel, fashion, etc, on their Timeline.

FB prefers to call it "frictionless sharing" because the user has to sign up only once for the apps and the activity sharing is handled from there by the apps without any user intervention. The apps include Ticketmaster to book tickets online, Rotten Tomatoes to read movie reviews, and Foodspotting to help you find and rate good food outlets. The company wants to increase the number of these applications on their platform in the near future, according to Director of Platform Products, Carl Sjogreen. FB already allows users to share music they are listening to or news articles they are reading.

The introduction of these new apps has come at a time when the company is looking to offer its $100 billion IPO. It makes sense as these apps will certainly rake in more advertising revenue as users will spend more time on the site. While it is true that these apps will automate the process of activity sharing, FB has assured users that security settings will let them control who is allowed to follow their activities.

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