Microsoft Launches Kinect For Windows In India At Rs 20,000

PC version of the Xbox 360's motion-sensing device is only meant for developers and businesses; no information yet on availability for end-users.


The Xbox 360's Kinect accessory has been quite a hit among casual gamers. Its list of accomplishments doesn't end there though, as developers and scientists have modded it to carry out some complex tasks. Considering the potential of this gadget, Microsoft made it available for Windows in February this year. After a long wait, this PC-compatible version has finally reached Indian shores.

Keeping with its tradition of extremely dull names (remember the Windows Phone 7 Series?), Microsoft is calling the device Kinect for Windows. The company hopes that developers and businesses will take advantage of the Kinect sensor's high-tech features, including skeletal tracking, face tracking, enhanced speech, and seated mode tracking. Currently though, the product is not meant for consumers due to the lack of readily-available apps and games. However, If the Indian coder community embraces this platform enthusiastically, the commercial release certainly won't be too far away.

Kinect for Windows is priced at Rs 20,000 and can be ordered through MS resellers. To download the SDK (Software Development Kit), head over to this link.

Microsoft Launches Kinect For Windows In India At Rs 20,000

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