Indian Woman Divorces Husband For Failing To Change FB Status To "Married"

Reportedly, the social networking giant has been cited in 33% of divorces worldwide.


In what could be one of the first of such instances in our country, a woman from Aurangabad has filed for divorce because her husband did not change his Facebook relationship status from Single to Married. The social network provides options to set the relationship status as Single, Married, or Engaged. The 28-year old woman, who was married two months ago, has approached the family court seeking divorce stating that she cannot trust her husband anymore, as he has failed to announce their marriage on FB. Her husband, on his part, says that he forgot to update his status, because he was apparently so busy with family and business that he had no time to check his profile page or change the status. If Mark Zuckerberg could find time to change his status to Married, I find this a bit hard to believe.

Jokes apart, the husband has since stated that he was now willing to change his status or even de-activate his account, although the woman has said that she is not keen on continuing the relationship any further. I once again fail to understand why he has not followed his words by action. On second thoughts, he can make use of this opportunity to free himself from a seemingly bleak relationship that is governed by trivial reasons such as the one above. A recent report by Divorce-Online has claimed that in the 5000 divorce petitions filed with the firm within the past one year, 33% have mentioned FB to be one of the reasons. Online social networking has been increasingly becoming a part of our lives, and this incident just proves how much of an impact it can have on us. We cannot roll back the advantages and disadvantages of the new digital age, and hence the best way is to be aware of the changes and start living accordingly.

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