OnePlus 2 Will Get The World’s First VR Launch On 27 July

Will allow audiences to be a part of the launch rather than viewing it.


OnePlus is indeed going big with the launch of its OnePlus 2 smartphone. After all the teasers that the company has been luring its fans with, today comes big news about its launch in the form of a Virtual Reality event.

The launch will take place on the 27th of July and according to OnePlus will let its fans be a part of the event and not just view it as a spectator. OnePlus even claims that it will be immersive, so much so that fans will be able to check out the new OnePlus 2 from different angles.

As for the contest which was held earlier, the winners will be help in presenting the launch event in VR as well.

While we are pretty sure that the standard Google Cardboard VR headsets should be good enough, OnePlus has even taken the trouble to perfect the design for the same. Meaning that the Chinese smartphone maker will begin selling these from its website so that fans can get a “perfected” view of the event.

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As usual OnePlus also made its usual statements about the OnePlus Cardboard VR, by saying “We didn’t cut any corners on production, and we’re definitely losing money on this.”

The VR headsets have been purpose built for the OnePlus One but users will also be able to use other smartphones to checkout the event that goes live at 7:00 PM PT on the 27th of July.


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