After Xiaomi And Sony, HTC Plans To Launch An India-Centric Smartphone

Xiaomi indeed seems to have kick started its own segment.


Just a week ago, Xiaomi announced its Mi 4i smartphone, which was designed specifically for the Indian smartphone market. While 12,000 excited fans cheered away as Global VP, Hugo Barra described and revealed feature after feature about the company’s newest handset, he also introduced a new segment of smartphones.

This came to light a few days earlier when Sony in an interview with ET, revealed its plans to announce its own version of a smartphone designed specifically for the Indian market. Today, it seems that even HTC is vying for its share of the pie.

News is, that HTC does have its own plans to announce a smartphone built and designed for the Indian market. This would consist of a device that is big on specs, but low on pricing, something that is not exactly their style.

However the report revealed that HTC’s “low priced” handset would in fact not focus on the budget segment but a bit higher.

HTC's CFO and president of global sales, Chia-Lin Chang spoke about a handset that would cost in the range of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 which is basically drifting towards the mid-range.

Indeed, all of this goes to show that times are changing. Apple too is interested in the Indian market. This was made clear when its latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models were launched in India a few weeks after the official announcement.

Still then, Apple is more involved with the premium market segment. Sony and HTC however need to design smartphones for the Indian market in order to keep the profits flowing, which as of now seems to be getting sucked up by Xiaomi.

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