Sony Confirms February For Its Android Lollipop Update Rollout

While it has indeed been a few months since Google's final release was out, it is good to see that Sony is sticking with its promises.


Sony did not have much to show off at CES this year. This may be because the Mobile World Congress (MWC) takes place in a month and that would be an ideal place to showcase the Xperia Z4 series and other mobile devices. More importantly, the MWC event, that takes place in Barcelona, will buy manufacturers more time compared to CES, which comes in pretty early. Electronics aside, Sony did announce one little bit of news and that is what we think would keep owners of its current smartphones happy in anticipation.

The Japanese electronics giant announced that it would be pushing out the first builds of its Android Lollipop ROMs as early as next month. This first wave of updates would include the Xperia Z3 line up that would include both smartphones and tablets.

While the company had promised the updates for all of its recently launched devices with the Xperia Z being the oldest, it also mentioned back then, that the Xperia Z Ultra GPe would get the update first. Well, the same has happened as promised so we can look forward to the rest of the range (apart from the Z3 series) getting updated by March at least.

The update will brings improvements to the UX and deliver better functionality along with the standard Android Lollipop features.


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