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Vodafone's Rs 500 Crore 4G Network In Mumbai Will Be Ready By December

Let’s hope that it takes off with a speedy start.


While it seems to many of its subscribers that Vodafone’s 4G launch is forever on the horizon, the company confirmed yesterday that it will launch its 4G services by December this year.

The operator that has successfully launched 4G networks worldwide is now readying itself for the launch of what it claims to be “best in class” 4G services in Mumbai.

Vodafone was picky back at the 4G auctions, while Reliance Jio went with a blanket strategy with cheaper 4G bands and more coverage for its offerings.

Vodafone will work with 1800 Mhz band in Mumbai and this will ensure better services with better speeds and fewer call drops. This is keeping in mind how TRAI is keeping a watchful eye on operators this year.

However, all of this depends on its implementations and infrastructure and Vodafone seems to have worked on this as well. The UK-based operator has invested over Rs 500 crore and has already readied about a 1000 sites in preparation.

Vodafone will also be investing in fibre optic networks to back haul all of these operations. Hopefully, all of these investments lead to more consumers subscribing to 4G. India’s 3G roll out was a complete mess and the number of new subscribers jumping on to networks is not making things any better for the existing subscriber base. 

Source: IANS

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