Twitter Encourages Private Chats With Desktop Notifications For DMs |

Twitter Encourages Private Chats With Desktop Notifications For DMs

Everyone wants their share of the messaging pie, so it seems.


Twitter is clearly about messages, but the problem is that they are all public, which leads to shorter discussions. So it makes sense to focus on Direct Messages, a private feature that Twitter ignored for long, until early this year, when the focus began to shift on messaging and private conversations.

On Monday, Twitter announced something new. DM notifications will now be visible on your desktop as well. They will show up like pop-ups on the top right corner, keeping you informed and connected with your friends at all times, even if you are on another window.

The feature is rolling out gradually, but one will need to opt-in to the notification service and enable the same in settings when it appears.

In other efforts, Twitter also announced an upcoming update for the Android Twitter app with a revamped UI to make it easier to start conversations. Avatars will be prominent and placed on the top, while recent conversations show up below. Discussing a public tweet gets easier with the interface letting you choose from a number of recent avatars to begin with.

And there have been many more efforts in the past as well. The social network recently removed the 140 character limit on Direct Messages (to 10,000 characters) in an effort to encourage users to communicate in private and spend more time having longer chats and discussions.


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