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Weekend Tech Update: Ep I

Chinese sells kidney for iPhone, Man bludgeoned to death for flirting on FB, and more craziness from the tech world this week.


Take a break from the usual product launches and patent trolling sagas, for a glimpse of the lighter side of the tech spectrum. In this new weekly series we take a quick look at all the crazy happenings that occured in the tech world.

  • Nokia, Microsoft, and AT&T had collectively spent $200 million to market the Lumia 900 in the US. Apparently, money doesn't buy common sense, because eager adopters found most of the retail outlets closed on account of Easter holiday. Come think of it, this actually fits in with the holiday spirit, as the Easter egg hunt was upstaged by Lumia 900 hunt for most fanboys.

  • Google may be busy teasing its augmented reality-equipped wearable glasses, but since the search giant earns its revenues mainly through the annoying google ads, it will be a nightmare to have the unsolicited product placements ceaselessly beamed onto your field of vision. A few YouTube users have underscored the implications rather hilariously.

  • Our Southeast Asian friends supply the recommended dosage of bizarre and social networking in a single streamlined package. Turns out, a jealous Taiwanese husband bludgeoned a Facebook user to death with a baseball bat for flirting with his wife. This is a good cautionary tale explaining exactly why the old-schoolers were particular about anonymity on the Internet.

  • At half a lakh rupees, the iPhone 4S is ridiculously expensive. It's natural to joke about how one would have to sell their kidney for it; unless, of course, you happen to be in China. Evidently, our oriental neighbours are pretty serious about their iPhones.

  • Remember the Stuxnet virus - the most sophisiticated example of malicious code that had security researchers baffled for months? Well, that's just the Israelis messing around with Iran's nuclear programme with the intent of causing the odd nucledar meltdown or two. PROTIP: If you're an Arab employed at a nuclear plant, it's best not to click on an email titled "Click Here To Enlarge Your Nuclear Stockpiles", especially if its from someone named Itzhak Rubin and thereabouts.

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