Samsung Will Produce Bendable Screens By End of 2012 |

Samsung Will Produce Bendable Screens By End of 2012

Will be used in seamless, foldable tablets, and wraparound displays in phones.


Not long after teaming up with Corning to produce a thinner, lighter version of Gorilla Glass, Samsung has now officially launched the YOUM brand focusing on AMOLED displays. The brand however, will concentrate on bendable displays, which are expected to show up in mainstream gadgets as early as the end of this year. These flexible screens are touted to be lighter, thinner, and more resilient to breakage than traditional panels.

Samsung's YOUM Brand To Produce Bendable Screens

The secret behind the YOUM displays' physics-defying flexibility, is the complete lack of a glass substrate, which is what causes traditional panels to crack. These flexible displays use film-based encapsulation and TFT layers as a replacement for glass. If the good people at are to be believed, these screens can sustain over 1 lakh bending cycles with just 6% degradation in brightness.

Once implemented, these screens will be a boon for foldable tablets with seamless screens and phones with wraparound displays running across the front and the back, just to cite a few examples.

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