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WhatsApp’s Big iOS Update Will Now Let You Backup Videos

Improves on some existing features, while adding a few new ones.


After what seems to be a long break, WhatsApp has finally delivered a big iOS update giving hope to users on the forgotten platform. While updates to Android and Windows Phone are pretty frequent, iOS clearly seems to be the ignored one until now.

The new update adds a couple of new features, but the iOS app is basically catching up with other mobile platforms.

The most important feature in the new update is that backups to iCloud can not only be timed, but also allows for videos to be backed up. This is big, as most of the videos used to get backed up, but upon downloading them onto a new iPhone, they simply showed up as blank thumbnails.

Next in the hierarchy of importance, are the catch-up features.

iOS users now have a new low-data mode for voice calls (it arrived on Android back in July), which can be found under Settings>Chats and Calls. Do note that the voice call quality will drop so you cannot blame WhatsApp for bad audio quality, once it is turned on.

You can now also share Contacts directly from the Contacts or Phone app of your iPhone.The share extension seems to have finally made it deeper inside iOS. This also includes the ability to share locations from the Apple Maps app to your WhatsApp chat. Google Maps would have been a better choice since its universal.

Per chat custom notifications settings and mute settings are now also available as well.

Among the improvements, you can now swipe to the right in your conversations window, to mark the last message as read of unread. Older messages will now load automatically when you scroll up, and we also have an improved editor for cropping videos and photos.

All-in-all, it is a massive update for iOS users but its just playing catch up with rest of the mobile platforms.

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