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Xiaomi Mi 4 Anniversary Price Cut Now Permanent

Yes, the OnePlus One is getting a lot of competition.


While OnePlus is busy gearing up for the launch of its OnePlus 2, Xiaomi was busy slashing rates on its products during its anniversary celebrations. The celebrations are still on, but Mi fans who were looking forward to buying a flagship smartphone from the company are in for some good news.

The Xiaomi Mi 4 64 GB had received a price cut last week as a part of its anniversary celebrations. But Xiaomi seemed so happy with the success of this smartphone, that it announced that price cut is now permanent.

Yes, Mi fans and buyers looking out for a great flagship smartphone, can now look at the Mi 4 64 GB as a great choice at Rs 17,999. The price drop is by Rs 2000, but it will go a long way for sales, since OnePlus also plans on keeping its OnePlus One on the shelves even after the 2 gets launched.

Indeed, this will put buyers in a tizzy about which smartphone to go in for, as both come with impressive hardware and the software chops to match.

On one side of the ring we have the Xiaomi Mi 4 that comes with a metal and glass construction, that stands out in a crowded mid-range market. It offers a smooth software experience with little or no hardware hiccups along with a MIUI V6 that makes it easier to use for those buying an Android smartphone for the first time.

That leaves the OnePlus One to those who know Android and are willing to work with some bugs, but also need a big screen and want to run the latest custom ROMs. Clearly, the OnePlus caters more to tweakers, but again it also makes for a great alternative to those coming from the Nexus camp, thanks to the vanilla experience that the ROM offers.

Coming to the pricing, Xiaomi Mi 4 is a clear winner, with its all new price tag. The OnePlus One still retails for Rs 18,998, but that is for the 16 GB version. The 64 GB Sandstone Black version is still priced a lot higher at Rs 21,998.

So which one will you buy? Sound off in the comments below.

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