From The 1st Of August, Google Photos Will Detach Itself From Google+ |

From The 1st Of August, Google Photos Will Detach Itself From Google+

There’s no need to panic.


Google has finally begun the process of breaking down its social network into two distinct parts, Google Photos and the upcoming Google Streams. While the launch of Streams is still far away, there is a lot of transitioning that will happen now that Google has put a deadline to its Google+ Photos.

Google’s clear objective now is to bring everyone on one single platform. This would include those who have been using Google+ Photos (on mobile) for back ups and those who are still stuck on Picassa (both web and the software) for which Google ended support for back in 2012.

To begin with, there is no need to panic, as the photos that you had earlier uploaded via posts or as a back up on Google+ are going nowhere. You will still be able to access them from

Google Photos is just a branding change. Nothing is happening to your Google+ Photos, its the app that will be updated and your existing photos will appear in the new Google Photos app.

On Android devices, your existing Google+ Photos app will cease to work from the 1st of August. To avoid this awkward situation you need to update the app to the new Google Photos app available on the Play Store.

On iOS, you will notice that Photos section in the Google+ app no longer works (it will not exist if Google issues another timely Google+ update). Instead, the same photos will be accessible from the new Google Photos app, which you can already download from the App Store.

Coming to Picassa Web, you will still be able to access your you Hangouts and Blogger images from there and as of now, there is no deadline for both the web app and the desktop photo editor. It’s just that the same can also now be accessed from the Google Photos web app and the new mobile apps.


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