Instagram Ups The Ante From 640 Pixels To 1080 Pixel Images |

Instagram Ups The Ante From 640 Pixels To 1080 Pixel Images

Makes more sense on those higher resolution displays.


Instagram has finally begun showing higher resolution images on its feeds. The new images may take a wee bit longer to load, but they will certainly look sharper and crisper on your mobile device’s display.

According to The Verge, the old and ancient resolution will now gradually be done away with. The old 640 x 640 pixels resolution may sound lame, but it certainly works better on slower connections.

The new 1080 x 1080 pixels resolution not only looks better on mobile, but makes for clearer pictures on the web as well.

While those with low-resolution mobile displays will not see a difference, images may suddenly appear clearer to those with better ones.

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The new upgrade, that comes after ages, will only be limited to mobile devices for now and not the desktop clients. This as per an Instagram spokesperson, will remain the focus for now, as the social network has “no plans to share on web.”


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