Download: Xonotic (Windows, Linux, Mac) |

Download: Xonotic (Windows, Linux, Mac)

A nice freeware FPS based on the modified Quake engine.


Xonotic is a free and fast first person shooter based on the Darkplaces game engine, which is itself a modified version of the Quake 3 engine. The game is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, and features a large number of large and interesting maps that look eerily similar to those in Quake 3, but are unique in their own ways. The title's graphics are similar to those of big-budget commercial games available in around 2006. The gameplay has been inspired by various classics, including Unreal Tournament and Quake, with the multiplayer element being an important part. Xonotic is incredibly well-made, considering the fact that it's open-source and based on a decade-old game engine.

Developer: Xonotic
Version: 0.5
Size: 943 MB
Platform: Windows, Linux, OS X
Licence: Freeware

Download: Xonotic (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Take a look at the gameplay video and tutorial here, if you're still not convinced the title's worth your time.

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