Windows 10 Will Limit Performance On 512 MB Smartphones

With every new version of Windows come the casualties.


Indeed it seems like Windows 10 may not be a great release for all Windows Phone users. While we had our doubts about devices with 1 GB of RAM, it seems its the ones with 512 MB that will lose out the most.

A leaked product guidelines document has revealed the affected scenarios that the devices with 512 MB of RAM will face.

These include a host of limitations; and while some of them are passable, others will see some major drawbacks with their older legacy devices.

We begin with some of the newer apps that will be performance oriented and utilize a bit more memory meaning that older devices we see a longer loading and resuming screens as they will exit the RAM completely.

Next up is the degradation in image quality, where in HDR images will be shot at a lower 5 MP resolution at 3 frames instead of 8 MP resolution with 5 frames.

Now come the worrisome ones, wherein apps that utilize navigation in the background may get booted off if the ones in foreground begin to take up more memory.

More importantly, VOIP applications like Skype may shut down in the background, if an app in the foreground takes up too much memory. This includes video and voice calls, which may suddenly get cut off if you happen to be playing around with some other apps on a call.

Good news is that if you have recently purchased a Windows Phone device, you can breathe a sigh of relief as these limitations will not show up on devices with 1 GB of RAM.

No wonder the newer Windows Phone devices will not face a problem as they all sport the minimum 1 GB RAM requirement. Now many may argue that Android devices perform horribly with 512 MB of RAM and that older devices will obviously lose out on features. But it is indeed the fact that background apps (that work fine currently) that will not work well that worries us; which may give Windows 10 a stamp of inconsistency.

512 MB RAM devices are in fact a major chunk of Windows Phone’s base users. So it remains to be seen how Microsoft will tackle the situation. According to the same source, Microsoft will be working with app developers to avoid the above problems, but will it be worth the trouble?

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