Reserve Strap Redesign Exposes Hidden 6-Pin Port On Apple Watch |

Reserve Strap Redesign Exposes Hidden 6-Pin Port On Apple Watch

Seems to be the only answer to the Apple Watch’s battery life woes.


Not many of us know about Reserve Strap, the accessory that is still in the R & D process will soon become an Apple Watch owners answer to the less than sufficient battery life.

The company did mention at its announcement back in March that the design has not been finalized. One that it would provide up to 125% more battery life than the built-in battery of the Watch.

Now, we have a new design that has shown up on its website. One that exposes the 6-pin port that lay hidden inside the connectors of the strap. While we did know thanks to the iFixit team that there was a something hidden inside the door related to servicing and diagnostics, we now know that it is capable of much more.

The Reserve Strap’s new design utilizes that 6-pin port that will help the accessory connect directly to the hardware inside without interfering with the functionality of the Watch.

The company states that owners of the strap will also receive a special tool to pop open that door. Still then, it remains to be seen whether this affects the water-proof capabilities of the smartwatch.

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