New Windows 10 Preview For Phones Will Go Live Today In India

Hopefully this one is a bit more usable than the previous one.


Most of use simply stay away from unfinished builds as there isn’t much variety available in the Windows Phone space. So if you want to try out something new on your Windows smartphone, you have no other option apart from Preview for Developers.

While many brave souls tried out the Windows 10 Preview, we are pretty sure many may have switched back, simply because it was unusable.

Simply put, if there was one piece of software that could define the word “unfinished” the current build of the Windows 10 for phones would be it.

Good news is, a new one is is arriving today. And from what we have seen from past leaks it should pack in a lot more and hopefully be stable enough to be used as a daily driver.

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The build is said to arrive in the US by 10 AM PST, which translated to the Indian time zone would be 22:00 hrs.

As for the smartphones that qualify, you can hit the source link below.

So are you ready and willing to try out the next best piece of software from Microsoft’s stable on your Windows device? Sound off in the comments below.


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