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Facebook’s Messenger Will Soon Be Accessible From Messenger.com

Messenger however, has not separated itself from Facebook.


After forcing users to switch to its separated Messenger app for Facebook chats, Facebook has now pulled out another rabbit out of its hat in the form of a standalone website for the same called Messenger.com.

Users however should not be too worried as they can carry on their conversations on Facebook.com as well (for now).

Many of us will be happy that one does not have to be signed into Facebook to access its chat service any more. According to Facebook, Messenger.com was built for this very purpose.

Since the service turned into a separate app and recently into a platform, it made sense for Facebook to segregate the two if both services needed to grow and expand quickly more so because the platform now supports payments.

There is one catch. Messenger.com is currently available only in English but additional languages will be added shortly in the coming weeks.

Conversations however, will not be interrupted and as of now, Facebook has not completely moved its messaging service to Messenger.com. However, considering the past we can expect the same to happen shortly even though Facebook claims it will never do it.

The new website according to re/code should be up and running worldwide by today, meaning that it should take a day or two till we get to use it in India.


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