Xiaomi Mi 4 May Get Cheaper

Cuts down the Mi 4's price by 32 USD in China.


Thanks to Xiaomi’s sales model, the Chinese smartphone maker is doing well and is on a mission to sell 100 million smartphones this year.

While this may sound like a hefty target, its the sales model of delivering older chipsets in its smartphones way after new generations begin selling seems to be doing it a lot of good.

The Mi 4 is indeed a hot-seller, but Xiaomi’s next flagship device is indeed the Mi Note and the Note Pro.

Well, it seems like it is time for those smartphones to roll out into the market, as the company has dropped the prices of its current Mi 4 flagship by about 32 USD.

In Indian monies, this would translate to about Rs 2000. So in case you were deciding on buying a Xiaomi Mi 4 sometime soon, we suggest you wait for the price drop to make its way to India.

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The flagship-specd Mi 4 packs in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 (at Rs 24,000) which is still a pretty powerful processor considering that manufacturers like HTC, Samsung and the like sell handsets with the less powerful Snapdragon 410 and 615 (64-bit) chipsets for a similar price.

As of now both the 64 GB and 16 GB models in China have recieved a price cut of about 32 USD.


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