Download: Google Calendar for iOS |

Download: Google Calendar for iOS

In a sea of third-party calendar apps, does Google’s app stand out?


Google has finally pushed out its Google Calendar app for iOS. The app runs smoothly and has no rough edges, but seems to be mainly targeted at Android users who have switched over to iOS and have had a hard time adjusting.

Coming from Android (since 2010), I finally gave the new Google Calendar app a try and strangely, I am already back to the default iOS one.

Adding events manually is simple as well. And it is pretty neat as to how the app predicts events that you typed down in the past and then will even check back on your contacts if you want to add them to the event.

The reasons for this are pretty simple. It simply gets things done by itself. This is more so because I have most of my stuff synced with Google’s servers (more so because Google knows so much about me already).

Next up is the ability of the app to understand and add events by going through your Gmail Inbox; which can indeed save a lot of time if you happen to use it as a work account.

While Google’s Material Design theme looks and works beautifully on the iPhone (clearly only the Nexus devices can run the app smoothly), I was surprised to see so many of those animations and transitions that I expected from the Android app out here.

Still then I wish that Google had stuck to Apple’s app design guidelines, instead of sticking to Material Design which somehow feels out of place compared to the rest of the apps on my device.

I understand that Google wants to deliver a similar user experience across devices. Strangely though I still don’t see the Google Calendar Web App being updated to Material Design, so talking about consistency makes no sense.

Microsoft made a smarter move by delivering an Outlook app that iOS users will appreciate compared to an Android port of the same, which is what the Google Calendar app currently feels like.

At the end of the day I still have the app on my device simply because I love the features, but then again it still feels out of place on an iOS device because of the user interface.

This conclusion certainly applies more to an iOS user more than anything else. Coming from Android, there is definitely no equal.

Name: Google Calendar
Publisher: Google, Inc.
Size: 40 MB
Platform: iOS
Download: iTunes

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